Sealed Air's New EasyWipe Configuration


Sealed Air’s Diversey Division announced the introduction of a new size and count in the EasyWipe Disposable Wiping system for wipes on demand.  This solution helps improve the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection in healthcare. 


EasyWipes now are available in a 125-count bucket, with refills for reducing downstream waste.  The wipes offer a unique substrate that is compatible with most disinfectant technologies and provides healthcare professionals with improved cleaning.  By just adding the disinfectant or cleaner of your choice, wipes can be created on demand, increasing productivity and worker safety.  The enclosed system is fast and efficient to set up and clean up, reduces chemical use and waste, and eliminates the risk and cost associated with continual wringing and laundering.  The wipes can be safely disposed of after use, and reduce the potential risk of cross contamination that has been documented in poorly laundered microfiber or cotton cloths.  In a recent study by Dr. Charles Gerba and colleagues at the University of Arizona, “Microbial Contamination of Hospital Reusable Cleaning Towels”, it was found that 93 percent of the laundered towels used to clean hospital rooms contained bacteria, all of which could result in hospital acquired infections (HAIs).  The belief was that in lieu of wiping away pathogens, they were possibly just being moved around.


”You can stop worrying if the laundry was done right, because the EasyWipe system eliminates the need for laundering, significantly reducing the associated labor, chemical and energy costs,” added Carolyn Cooke, Vice President of Healthcare for Sealed Air Diversey division. “Having a product that is engineered to clean better by removing soil and pathogens and can get into crevices where pathogens may harbor, will aide in the reduction of the spread of infection, lower costs and create a safer environment for patients, visitors and staff.”





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