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Premia Family

Ultra high-speed, labor-saving floor finish. Delivers "wet look" gloss without daily burnishing. Provides excellent durability and maintains great resistance to scuffing, scratching, dirt and marking. Offers a balanced, well-rounded UHS look. White in color with a mild scent.

Item Information


  • 5039422 1 x 5 gallon / 18.9 L EnviroboxTM/MC (TrailBlazerTM/MC ready) 


  • 5039422 1 x 5 gallon / 18.9 L EnviroboxTM/MC (TrailBlazerTM/MC ready) 

Ultra high speed floor finish that offers great performance and “wet look” appearance with low maintenance requirements.

Excellent Performance

  • “Wet look” gloss
  • Great burnish response that “pops” with propane, battery or electric equipment
  • Superior resistance to dirt embedment, scratching, scuffing and marking


  • Easy to apply using standard mop or applicator
  • Enables flexibility in maintenance procedures and burnishing frequency while still maintaining a great appearance

Designed with Environment in Mind

  • New formula contains lower VOCs and is low odor
  • Contains no fluorochemicals
  • Contains readily biodegradable surfactants


Specification Sheet: English

SDS: English,  Spanish


Specification Sheet: English

SDS: EnglishFrench