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Soft Care® DefendTM/MC 4X1 gal

Soft Care® Defend 4X1GAL

Soft Care® Defend(TM/MC) is a highly effective, fragrance free antibacterial soap with superior mildness. This unique innovative product combines the caring aspect of a gentle-on-skin cosmetic with antiseptic properties. Formulated with chloroxylenol (PCMX), Soft Care(R) Defend(TM/MC) is effective at removing soils, rinses quickly and leaves no residue on skin.

Item Information


100920027 Soft Care Defend 4X1GAL


100920027 Soft Care Defend 4X1GAL


• Excellent for cleaning hands with a surfactant system that removes dirty, fatty soil
• Easy to rinse, economical solution suitable for periodic use
• Pleasing fragrance
• Free from undesirable ingredients, such as, Cocamide DEA, parabens and triclosan
• Pink color for an attractive appearance