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DUOBOT 1850®

The new TASKI® Intellibot® DUOBOT 1850™ is a sweeper/scrubber for hard surfaces. Dual counter rotating brushes and a large debris hopper allow
DUOBOT 1850 to thoroughly sweep and scrub in one pass, even in narrow and congested areas.


  • D6174714 TASKI® Intellibot® Vac Motor Lint Filter
  • D6174722 TASKI® Intellibot® Dome Polyurethane Foam
  • D6174765 TASKI® Intellibot® Filter-Dome HEPA
  • D6174781 TASKI® Intellibot® Filter-Bag Vacuum Paper
  • D674925 TASKI® Intellibot® Battery Exchange Cart
  • D6174933 TASKI® Intellibot® Battery Exchange Kit
Item Information


  • D6174706 TASKI® Intellibot® DUOBOT 1850™


  • D6174706 TASKI® Intellibot® DUOBOT 1850™
  • It has a new touchscreen that prompts users through the simple operating process, making it very easy to use.
  • Sensors provide a 360-degree view that allow the sweeper/scrubber to operate Hands-Free. Just prep, point and go!
  • Uses up to 85% less water and cleaning solution per eight-hour shift; accommodates most eco-friendly solutions.