Intellibot® Robotic Solutions

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Intellibot® Robotic Solutions


The intellibot autonomous cleaning solutions are like an extra worker. It allows doubling the efficiency in the cleaning site what helps to control the increasing cost in the cleaning industry. The new Swingobot 2000 delivers the answer for many companies in their pursuit to increase their efficiency. Beside the economic impact the new Swingobot 2000 grantees also a reliable and high class cleaning result in a sustainable way.

TASKI® Intellibot auto-scrubbers offer the ultimate in versatility by allowing the operator to quickly switch between manual cleaning and Hands-Free Cleaning®. At the push of a button, the operator can walk away to clean in other areas while the floor is cleaned – true multi-tasking.

Sensors provide 360-degree views that allow the auto scrubber to operate Hands-Free. Just prep, point and go.
  • IntelliFlow saves up to 76% water and chemical consumption compared to traditional scrubbers. All intelligent functions will help you to improve productivity and sustainability.
  • The auto scrubber communicates with the operator and generates detailed reports including login time, end of shift and areas cleaned.
  • Service components are easily accessible and yellow touch points make it easy to maintain interim maintenance standards.
  • No special training is required; the icon-based touchscreen prompts users through all functions, regardless of language and/or skill level.
  • Ideal for the healthcare environment

Diversey Intellibot® Robotic Solutions

The new TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 is a combination of Intelligent solutions and the latest technologies available on the cleaning market.  The robotic scrubber drier contains all the Intelli-features that TASKI traditional range offers, while the robot is equipped with the latest telemetry system on-board to ensure the software communicates continuously with the various sonars, laser and ot

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