Why Daily Cleaning May Not Be Enough: Every Moment Counts

Every Moment Counts

As reimbursement becomes more closely aligned with quality of care, there has never been a more compelling business case for healthcare institutions to focus on preventing infection. Reimbursements are now tied to quality metrics: healthcare-associated conditions, infection rates and readmissions can cost hospitals up to 6 percent of their revenues. 

Healthcare consumers are educating themselves with published data and perception to guide their choices about where to spend their healthcare dollars. Recent data published in the 2016 Patient Satisfaction Horizon Report showed that patients most valued a visible commitment to cleanliness and infection prevention.

While there are several factors that impact infection rates, including early identification of infected or colonized patients and antibiotic stewardship, a focus on both hand hygiene and improved cleaning and disinfection practices is warranted.

Making Each Moment Count

In this article, Diversey highlights some of the higher risk areas, and how to address them, as Every Moment Counts.  Click on the PDF to download.